Educational Concert Programs

Educate and entertain your audience

"My, but time seemed to fly by this afternoon while listening both to your commentaries and your beautiful jazz renditions of familiar melodies!  It was an amazing program and your commentaries were interesting as well as educating."
 -Concert Series Coordinator Jan B.

Designed for educational settings such as libraries, museums, lecture series, concert series, schools, and civic events, Patrick's educational concert programs are engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. 

Patrick and his trio pull their music from all corners of American popular music, and tell the stories of the people, places, and circumstances that made it all possible. 

More than just a concert and lecture, Patrick's educational concerts are full multimedia presentations, with recorded historical examples, powerpoint presentations, and audience participation. 

Virtual and in person programming options are available! See Patrick's list of available topics below, and click on more info to book!


Bobby Timmons: Jazz's Most Underrated Pianist

An in depth exploration of the career, compositions, influences, and playing style of the great jazz pianist, Bobby Timmons.


Music Theory for Non-Musicians

For non-musicians, playing music can be daunting and intimidating. This close examination practices of the professional musician makes music accessible to even the least musical ear.


Blues: The Roots of American Popular Music

A deep dive into how the blues became the most important influence in American popular music, spanning from the 1930's to the present day.


Jazz: The Evolution of America's Classical Music

From ragtime and dixieland to hard bop and third stream, learn how the most American form of music developed through the decades and formed the basis of American popular music.

Book An Educational Concert

Available as a solo performance or with the Hot Takes Trio, Patrick's informative educational concerts include powerpoint presentations, audience participation, and of course, excellent live music.


Guaranteed to educate and engage your audience, Patrick's educational concerts are ideal for libraries, museums, regional concert series, performing arts centers, cultural centers, and civic events.


The Composition Process: How Do Musicians Write Music?

Heavy on audience participation, this program investigates all aspects of the compositional process, from lyric writing and orchestration to musical influences and improvisation.