The Composition Process: How Do Musicians Write Music?

While there are many musicians in the world, not every musician is a composer. In this program, Patrick explores the process by which musicians write music by helping the audience compose their own song with Hot Takes Trio!

Starting from the basics of music (chord progressions, melodies, rhythms), Patrick introduces each concept to the audience, letting them collectively write a melody, choose a rhythmic feel, and choose the chord progression for their song.


After the basics are established, Patrick will show the audience some more advanced compositional techniques (countermelody, call and response, stop time, etc.) and let the audience put in the techniques they prefer. Lastly, the audience will write their own lyrics to the song, with Patrick's help. By the end of the session, they'll be singing along to their very own collective composition! This particular program is best with a supplemental powerpoint, though it can be done without one.