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Concert/Lecture Programs

Educate and entertain your audience

"My, but time seemed to fly by this afternoon while listening both to your commentaries and your beautiful jazz renditions of familiar melodies!  It was an amazing program and your commentaries were interesting as well as educating."
 -Concert Series Coordinator Jan B.

Designed for educational settings such as libraries, museums, lecture series, concert series, schools, and civic events, Patrick's educational concert programs are engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. 

More than just a concert and lecture, Patrick's educational concerts are full multimedia presentations, with recorded historical examples, powerpoint presentations, and audience participation. 

Virtual and in person programming options are available! See Patrick's list of available topics below, and click on more info to book!

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Pennsylvania Piano: An In Depth Look At Our State's Most Influential Jazz Pianists

Explore PA's jazz piano legacy through this program, which features pieces from nine great pianists, in depth analysis, audience participation, and historical background.


Music Theory for Non-Musicians

For non-musicians, playing music can be daunting and intimidating. This close examination of the processes of professional musicians makes music accessible even to the most untrained ear.


The Composition Process: How Do Musicians Write Music?

Heavy on audience participation, this program investigates all aspects of the compositional process, from lyric writing and orchestration to musical influences and improvisation. 


Jazz: The Evolution of America's Classical Music

From ragtime and dixieland to hard bop and third stream, learn how the most American form of music developed through the decades and formed the basis of American popular music.


Jazz at the Movies

Hear Patrick and his group play songs from your favorite movies in this crowd favorite program. Available with a singer, this program is popular with kids and adults alike! 


Blues: The Roots of American Popular Music

A deep dive into how the blues became the most important influence in American popular music, spanning from the 1930's to the present day.


Vince Guaraldi: The Man Behind "Peanuts"

Vince Guaraldi's "Peanuts" soundtracks are both endearing and brilliant. This program takes an in depth look at Guaraldi's illustrious career, "Peanuts" and beyond. 


Bobby Timmons: Jazz's Most Underrated Pianist

An in depth exploration of the career, compositions, influences, and playing style of the great jazz pianist, Bobby Timmons.


Jazz and Folk: The Intersection of Two Oral Traditions

This jazz-folk crossover show explores the place of folk songs, children's songs, and spirituals in jazz. Filled with familiar melodies, this program is always a crowd pleaser.

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Crooners: The Music of Jazz's Male Singers

Popular with seniors and adults, this program explores the music and lives of classic crooners like Sinatra, Bennett, Torme, and others. Available with and without a singer!

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