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Pennsylvania Piano: An In Depth Look At Our State's Most Influential Jazz Pianists

A volunteer sits in with the trio to learn some Mary Lou Williams style boogie woogie piano

A demonstration of the gospel style call and response technique used by Bobby Timmons

Pennsylvania's mark on jazz piano is undeniably immense, with an astonishing number of all time great players, arrangers, and educators hailing from the state. 

This program showcases the music, lives, playing style, and influence of nine piano playing Pennsylvania natives:

  • Earl "Fatha" Hines

  • Mary Lou Williams

  • Billy Strayhorn

  • Erroll Garner

  • Ahmad Jamal

  • Bobby Timmons

  • McCoy Tyner

  • Fred Rogers

  • Ray Bryant

With visual aids, a sing along, audience participation, and even audience members sitting in with the trio, this program showcases a bit of local history wrapped up in an eclectic and engaging live music experience.

The trio plays the Bobby Timmons standard "Moanin'"

The trio plays Erroll Garner's famous tune "Misty"

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