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Jazz and Folk: The Intersection of Two Oral Traditions

Program attendees sing gospel style harmonies

Program attendees sing some songs from the pentatonic scale

Though seemingly very different at first glance, jazz and folk are the same in one very important way: they are passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition. This crossover program explores the connection between these two seemingly different genres. 

Patrick and his trio will:

  • Perform jazz renditions of folk songs and spirituals

  • Explore jazz's long history of borrowing folk repertoire

  • Discuss how oral tradition plays a role in both genres

  • Demonstrate how oral traditions are passed on in music

Audience members will get to sing along with well known folk songs, learn a bit of piano and possibly sit in with the trio, and learn about the deep connection between two popular genres. This program is great for historical societies and audiences with broad music tastes!

The trio plays "Gotta Travel On"

The trio plays "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

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