Music Theory for Non-Musicians: How We Do What We Do

For many people, making music might seem inaccessible and impossible. However, contrary to popular belief, no one needs to be "born musical" to understand and make music! Here, Patrick and Hot Takes Trio break down some of the essential elements of music making for the layman's ear. 

Using the lenses of classical, jazz, and popular music, Patrick teaches his audiences about how to read music, how time signatures work, the basics of improvisation and listening while playing, and how notes and chords piece together to make a song. 

Of course, as any good music educator should, Patrick makes sure to encourage active participation in the learning that is taking place.  Audience volunteers will be waltzing, creating drum beats with their bodies, and, in some cases, even playing the piano right along with Patrick!  An optional powerpoint supplement is also available for this program.